Friday, May 30, 2008

Lucky streak?

It has been a productive week for me. I did what I was supposed to do, cleared most of my debts and gotten a miracle that I thought I couldn't achieve. I believe if you work hard on something, you will succeed. One way or another. But most of the time we just can't escape from being mocked by others. I am not one of the most diligent and hardworking students you can find here. Perhaps I am even one of the top 10 for laziest students around. But that doesn't mean I can strike a winning lottery and pass my exams with a 4, or pass the otrabotka for the hardest subject around or even got an aftomat without working my ass out for it.

The only few words I hear from my fellow associates the whole week are:

'Wah, so lucky one you? You suck (whoever's name)'s luck la! So bad! No wonder he/she fail la!'

Come on people, no one can possibly pass without studying or armed with their knowledge in their mind prior to battle. Unless they possess some strong potion that can 'charm' the teacher away and he/she will fall for your killer seduction and give you a '5' straight. But that will only happen in fictional life, not reality.

If you fail your colloqs or controls, you can't blame anyone but yourself. You can blame it on teacher's severe mood swings, blame your friends for going first and that she/he took away the questions that you are 100% sure you know the answers to or your friend's disturbing you during exam but at the end of the day you're only lying to yourself. Stop putting fault on others and start focusing on our own. Maybe we did not prepare and study well for it or maybe because we were too tense that we can't answer adequately during oral.

But please stop blaming those who prevailed and mock them with the following:

'Eh, you so lucky la, you passed. You suck my luck!'

If I am indeed that lucky, why don't I just buy TOTO now and be a millionaire? Then I wouldn't be here studying med right?

Glue your butts to your chair and start flipping the pages because that's what all of us are suppose to do now. Stop comparing yourself with others and focus on what you're lack of.

You'll be MUCH HAPPIER that way.


ps/: no pun intended.


Anonymous said...

If anyone actually believes in the ability of sucking luck they suck balls.

Suck luck suck luck. I love the phrase

Reverie said...

LOL..good one..