Friday, July 25, 2008

The art of self-control

It's one thing I am not good at.

Really bad at it.


I just can't seem to control my thoughts and emotions sometimes.
Especially when the matter regarding is of some importance to me or was one of my priorities in the past.
I just wish I can really let it all out and not have any hidden feelings whatsoever anymore.
I wish I have the bravery of a warrior when facing tough situations or when I was hit when I was most vulnerable.
I wish I can hold my tears and sadness and manage them well.
I wish I can forget it all......

p/s: I just went to an optic shop today. Found out I have short-sighted problems and astigmatism. And I thought I can have my perfect eyesight forever..Well, have to say hello to ugly nerdy glasses.. :(

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