Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Phi Phi's first look

We woke up early and ate a 'sucky' breakfast at the hotel in Aonang before waiting for the van to come and pick us up to the jetty.

Can't believe it! We were on our way to one of the finest beaches in the world! :)

Breakfast overlooking the dirty beach. No offense.

Camwhored at the swimming pool deck. Not as nice as it actually is in the picture. Don't be deceived.

A jump shot for ya!

The ride to Phi Phi was nice and relaxing. It took almost 2 hours to get to Phi Phi island. What I did was laid down on the front part of the ship and dozed off. Little did I know I was in for BIG TROUBLE! When I woke up, I discovered my skin which was exposed got sunburn pretty badly! Heck I applied Mei's spf130++ sunscreen lotion before boarding because I didn't want to get an ugly tan! I want even and nice gleaming ones! Sigh, plan ruined! So sad k!

It felt so nice feeling the salty breeze!

Pose under the hot sun!

Smile smile~

The hot people on boat!

What we saw along the way!

Finally we reached! Wooohooo! I was excited beyond words. Just want to settle down and get my nice sun tan :)

Ate icecream on a hot sunny day! Heavenly! hehe

Took pictures of the surrounding while waiting for the long tail boat to sail us to our hotel. It's right at the end of the Phi Phi town. sighs. I nearly lost my patience waiting for the 'sampan' which was 30mins late! My precious limited time in Phi Phi ticking away~~

The jetty...

See my muka masam! Don't even have to mood to smile in front of the camera even!

I like this picture~~A row of long tail boats!

The clear waters of Phi Phi~

Finally checked in, and quickly changed to our 'bathing suits' before walking to the nearest beach for some action!~~~ haha..

What we saw along the track we walked

A glimpse of what's coming up next!

Mei with her hot bod

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