Monday, July 21, 2008


Finally reached Krabi around 7pm. Quickly got our hotels reserved, a night at Aonang and 2 nights in Phi Phi Island. We decided to burn our deposits for an inn at Krabi due to its shabbiness. Took the shuttle bus from the airport to Aonang, checked-into our hotel and got ready for dinner. Walked out to the whole row of shops facing the Aonang beach. We walked pass this tattoo parlor and both were tempted to get a TATTOO!!!~

The tattooist at work

Mei's turn

His finishing work for her. A pretty butterfly..

Pre-inked phoenix for me

Him at work and me smiling!

Rock it yo!

Thumbs up for Mr. Tattoo

The road

After getting inked, ( ok, it was just henna but still!!) we headed over to this western restaurant selling rm15 for a plate of pizza and pasta of any choice.

Some pasta (tasted horrible)

Pizza ( too small portion in my opinion)

Pose near the glitzy boat

Aih, cut pizza also must pose. Biasa la :P

Gotten bored of my face yet?

We walked around after dinner and decided to chill in this nice little restaurant a block away. The decorations are nice!

Sea shell lamp

Its upper ceiling

Next to the entrance


Me hiding behind Mei

Bite the orchid babe!~

Pouring the coke chillax-ly

Greeneries everywhere!

Headed back to the hotel and took a last picture!
What kind of name is Wanna's Place :S

p/s: I cut my hair!!!! Now its so my previous one a year ago!! Sigh, kind of feeling regret cause it's going to take another year to get it to be at shoulder length! Well, you judge it for yourself when I post pictures of my new hair, IF I CAMWHORE haha..

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