Sunday, July 20, 2008

Miscellaneous - 2 days before Krabi

On the 3rd day, we decided to make visits around the famous sites in Bangkok. A few that can't be missed were Wat Arun, Grand Palace and Wat of the Reclining Buddha. We also dropped by at the famous Khao San Road, and Chinatown for dinner!

Early in the morning: Waiting for the BTS

Brunch: McD

I overate as usual

We found our own way to the jetty awaiting the tourist boat to bring us along the Chao Phraya river where we can stop as we like at the famous sites and board the boat again after that.

The guide book with our tickets intact

The view in the boat

The murky waters of Bangkok

Poser in the boat


With tourists from Columbia

Entrance of Wat Arun

A row of golden statues

The green one reads: Do not swing around the dolls :S :S

The elephant lover :P yea right!

Under the red arch

Some odd looking flower

Climbing up the Wat Arun

And climbing down. Steep stairs mind you!

Eeeeee. Take a picture of the ugly monster! Mei asked.

In between.
Grand Palace

Its gorgeous interior.

Artsy Gold.


Just taking pictures.

The model of Angkor Wat. I want to go there too!

Khao San

I wanted to be braid my hair actually..

Delicious chocolate banana pancake~~

Pork rice in Chinatown

Tom Yam Kung...again..

Chinatown at night!

Wat Arun with its haunting look when we took the boat back.

Accidental picture.

2nd time to Platinum Bar & Club.

Picture 1

Picture 2

Picture 3


The next day..

Shopping for the last time..

Breakfast was these has a story =P
First they were happy!~ So we took pictures with them~

This was like the 5th picture until...




The balls hate me :( Sob...The stick broke into 2 :( :(

What's inside...tasty and cheap though.

After a long day of shopping, dinner~~ look at the amount of people waiting for a place to sit!

Went Suan Lum Night Bazaar after that!

Read what's displayed.

Supper: Same old place! The food choice here's limited laaaa!!!

My noodle soup for the last time. Bye darling! :) hehe

Pork rice again...sighs..

Tom Yam noodle...

Lol. PADAN MUKA! Overdose of Tomyam. Need Strepsils for help!

What was I daydreaming about? Can't remember LOL.

Sleepy face.

When we have nothing better to do :P we camwhore :P

Final day: Leaving for Krabi

Final lunch in Bangkok. Food was great!

Slurping her tom yam kung..again..

The tom yam

2 Fried rice, mixed fried vege

Queuing up to check-in

With our big luggages!

Bye bye Bangkok, Hello Krabi & Phi Phi Island!!!!

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