Friday, July 18, 2008

A must-go

Sirocco Sky bar, State Tower, Bangkok

What a bar! Omg, it's unbelievably gorgeous, breathtaking, out of words to describe it!

I first came to know the existence of such wonder of Bangkok while blog-browsing a while back. Fascinated by how the bar stood at the 64th level of the hotel, I pledged to pay a visit NO MATTER what!

Told Mei about it the day before we left. I jotted down the list of places to visit in Bangkok so that we can visit all of them if possible. One of the nights when we were there, we decided to go Sky Bar. Had dinner early and rushed back home to get ready.

It took us quite some time as both of us tried on the fake eyelashes. I put it for the 1st time ever because prior to that I had someone to help me stick it on. It was a tedious task I tell you. Took us nearly 15 minutes to put it up to at least look presentable. LOL

Off we went to the Sky Bar by 9pm. When we reached the hotel, I was amazed by its interior, that's a 5 star hotel for ya! Greeted warmly by the bellboys and the staff, we were led to one of the lifts and was soon on the way to the top of the building.

The moment we placed our sights on the bar, we were absolutely stunned. Guys if you happen to be in Bangkok, please do pay this place a visit. YOU'LL NEVER REGRET IT!

We kept taking pictures around the small bar. It was swarming with people, mostly tourists and high-class people. I even spotted pilots and airplane crews there!

We looked over to the Dome restaurant and were talking about how lucky the diners are to be able to eat their dinner overlooking the entire city of Bangkok. A proper meal for 2 cost almost rm1k! So you can imagine how grand it is! -_-''

I was even dreaming about how my future hubby will propose to me there. Siao I know. Don't LAUGH at me la! tsk tsk..

Pictures time~

In the hotel room all prepared

The lobby hotel

Walking down the stairs heading towards the Sky bar is already a wonderful experience. Can view the city with just a glance.

Pose pose

Can you see what lies behind us?

Lucky diners. Romantic-nyaaaaa


The bar *Pilot on the right*

Just me.

Gorgeous picture! Love it!

Taken by the bartender. Thanks!

Our drinks left abandoned due to our cam-whore frenzy. LOL

Cheers from the top of Bangkok!


Blazing red

A picture at the entrance before bidding goodbye to State Tower

Since it was still early, we decided to chill at the Titanium Bar & Club near our hotel. They have 'ICE BAR' at the upper floor. We went inside the ground zero temperature room and had our vodka served to us. We were only clad in our dresses without given any additional garments! Boy, IT WAS FREEZING COLDDDD!!!

Ice bar for ya!

Cold cold cold. Can't even hold the cam properly. LOL

Strawberry Vodka

Continued our chilling session downstairs at the bar area while listening to the crooning music played by the 'all-girls-band' which was performing that night.


Red bar

Mei. Amy

Last picture for the night!

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