Thursday, July 17, 2008

Bangkok #1

Initially there were 4 of us who were going to Thailand for holidays. In the end, only 2 made it. The other 2 dropped out last minute. Two girls embarked on a journey that they will not forget for a long long time. The holiday was awesome. So many things that they did and experienced, so many food they tasted and the people that they met. Funny and memorable.

6th July

2 of us boarded the 5pm plane to Bangkok and quickly settled down at the initial hostel that we booked for 5 days. But due to its poor quality and location we decided to move to a hotel the very next day. It did cost us quite a bit but it was kind of worth it considering we bought quite a lot of stuff and security in the hostel was questionable.

At the duty free Suvarnaburmi airport

Backpacker's John Hostel. Wasn't a nice place to stay.

The hotel room we moved into. Comfy.

We went food hunting at night. These are the pictures as evidence :P

Chicken Satay. I liked it.

My favorite food in Thailand: Noodle Soup

Pad Thai. This was nice too.


The food I will never eat for a LONG LONG time. Got sick of it. Mei liked it so much we eat it on a daily basis. -_-''

Mango Pulut. NICE NICE.

Pork porridge. Yum...

The very next day, we woke up early and went shopping!

Breakfast: Noodle soup at the famous stall in Pratunam.

Yum Yum. Visited the stall for 2 days straight.

'Or Chien' - food court at Platinum Shopping Mall

Dinner: Honey House 1 restaurant. Nice environment.

Pineapple fried rice.

Seafood soup

Damages for the day

3rd day in Bangkok: Shopping again!

Same place.

Walked over to the infamous Central World Shopping Mall after lunch.

Auntie Anne's for snack.

Had ice cream too. Told you we are big eaters.


Forgotten to mention we had our full body oil massage, manicure and pedicure the day before after shopping. Syiok giler.

Purple and pink for nails.

Posed here and there in the nice mall.

Dog clothes shop. Mei went 'head over heels' for them cute clothes.

Doggie pics.

Sien look. Faster la Mei. Wait for you to choose for so long d.

Chocolate shop?

Pretended to be a gorrila. Outcome: Failed miserably.

Beads shop?

Finally. A picture together.

The cat looked nice to take pics with :P

Spotted 'MATRUSKA' at the far left of the pic! Russian decorations sold in Bangok. -_-'' Amazing..

Take picture first. Talk later. LOL

Worship statue at the corner of the mall.

Zen at night.

Night market

Damages for the 2nd shopping day.

Up next:

Sirocco Skybar, State Tower, Bangkok.


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