Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Hong Jin's 21st Birthday

Backdated post again.

It was 5th of July. Prior to that day, I already received invitation to the party via facebook about a week back and during Py's birthday when Tcheng and HongJin were there for her birthday party. Was at Lapsap sale before going to HongJin's party. I met up with Steph from RSMU at Bangsar and we went on a shopping spree! Well not exactly. Didn't buy much. I was rushing to go to the party last minute so the girls outing was cut short abruptly. Sorry ya! Will make it up to you when you get back from your hols! :) hehe

Drove all the way to Titiwangsa. The party was cool~ Free flow of liquors and drinks with buffet style food served. I kept eating like a pig the whole way through. And then started consuming alcohol due to the Birthday boi's request. There were a lot of familiar faces and we said our Hi's to each other. Met up with Kok Ding from London ^^ as well as Adrian from Brighton and not forgetting the old MBS bois. Took pictures like nuts~~~ haha

Dance floor was opened around 11pm ish but no one has the guts to start dancing first. It took all of us awhile to fill in the dance floor and soon it was cake-cutting time! We all took turns to take pictures with HongJin and finally the party ended around 2am.

Was pretty high when the party ended. Drove myself back as calmly as I can before dozing off. Thanks Hong Jin for the invite :)

the cake.

Birthday boi, Hong Jin

Shu Yi, Amy, Jwei, Tee Cheng at the back


Quen Seng


The bois grooving to the music

Jwei, Eeleen, Amy, HongJin, TCheng, KweeJin

Brighton buddies!!!!

The MBS bois

Us again

Full body pic! I love my GLADIATOR WEDGES!!~~

The dj rocking the dance floor in the living room. LOL

Romantic dance for the lovers of the night :)

Tse Kai ruined the pic T.T

Our table. Look at the chivas man..

Hot girlsss..

Us on the dance floor. High already.

CBNERS with the birthday boi.

The 2 HOT friends of mine

Camwhore kaki

Tse Kai, old friend

Kwee Jin. I was tipsy :(

Us again

Final pic

From Amanda's blog

p/s: Courtesy to Jwei for the pics :)

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