Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Malacca Final Part: Journey back home

We were still walking around when a sudden heavy rain came pouring down. We had no choice but to head over to Sam's house for shelter and ended up staying for the night. The brother's parents greeted us with a warm welcome and cooked a MARVELOUS feast for us. The amount of food was enough for 10 person in my opinion. 7 of us sat around the dining table and savor the delicious Baba Nyonya dishes served by the man of the house, Sam's dad. Thanks uncle!

Sedap sedap. The prawns are SOOO FRESHHH!!!

2nd pic: Curry chicken was nice!!!

The view of the whole table

After dinner, we freshen ourselves up and got ready for a NIGHT OUT!

1st stop: Drinking session at some local bar

2nd stop: Walked along the newly built Jetty

Nice view huh

After that, we headed over to the beach and sat there chilling the whole night through before headed back to rest.


Next day

Woke up and got ready to head home. Had breakfast at some stalls in Malacca before making a move.

Duck noodles

Mixed fried stuff?

We reached KL after an hour and was wondering what to do till I suggested Zoo Negara. It has been ages since the last time I step in it. The rest agreed.

Feeding the animal with bubble gum? Evil Sam

Graceful swans


Sambil tengok haiwan, sambil makan aiskrim. Sedap~~

Just had to take a pic!

Orang utan

Baboon? :S or some monkey. Look at its butt!!!! Yuckssss

And I thought it's some tumor growth -_-''''

Jalan Mrs Poore. The guys just have to 'kacau daun'.

The Savannah Walk

-the end-

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