Saturday, September 12, 2009

Kim Bum, my little Crush

I was browsing through new themes for my phone when I stumbled upon this dashingly young but handsome guy in one of the wallpapers. Googled and found out that he's from 7 scents of kim bum, and guess what? He's my brother's age, born in 1989, 20 years old only FML!!!!!!

My eyeballs just dropped out of their sockets. Good looking...

Dream guy...

How can he look so damn good?

He totally reminded me of Raymond Tan, I even told him so but the thought was quickly brushed aside by him. LOL.

What say you?

Hot? or Nay?

My first crush since forever! I thought I am too old for crushes already. LOL


Anonymous said...

lols.. dream guy!!!

AmyKsy said...

^^ abuthen