Friday, September 26, 2008

Group 42

*Latest Update*


Teacher was exceptionally nice to us today. We were so scared that we wouldn't be able to get our credit for this cycle as the seniors were taunting us about this seemingly 'horrible' teacher. But, everything was smooth today!!!! :D :D :D She passed all of us!!! 
Obviously we went and celebrate lo!! HOHOHO

Went Rio shopping mall and ate our lunch for 2 hours!! Hehe. Talking and having fun as a group.
Love this kind of friendship....Lalalalalala..
This weekend's going to be more fun ya? Booked on Sat and Sun as well~~~~
Can't wait for the fun & camwhore sessions...


Here I am procrastinating when I should be studying for my final class for Therapy Cycle tomorrow. Teacher will ask us questions on all of the topics that we have studied so far for the past 2 weeks. The most feared teacher of all is going to put us in hell again tomorrow. But still, what am I doing? Still got mood to write blog and post pics some more. Been wasting the whole day watching HK drama Forensic Heroes 2! Done with Kinship drama yesterday evening already!

So far nothing is going into my head! HELP! I feel panicky, but still reluctant to study. Cause it's all in RUSSIAN! Damn it!!! :( sob. Save me save me save me.

Pictures time:

Taken during the OPX (operative surgery) cycle 2 weeks back. This is what we do on a daily basis during the cycle. Include: Gossiping, sleeping, doing nothing.


Teacher don't teach for nuts. Expect us to absorb everything that he taught during lectures so he won't teach us anything during class and will suddenly attack us with 3 tests at once on a random day. Hence the otrabotkas we owe him :( :(

The guys in our class: Chong, Stanley, Chua

Sheila playing games using my phone (Yes, we're that bored!)

The lazy Amy caught sleeping in class!

Siva kept taking ugly pictures of me!!! Cheeks fat like hell.

Day dreaming~

Ninja Kris in action~

One word: S.I.E.N

So happy show Kim's phone some more -_-''

Therapy lecture

Row of guys

Kim and I (was acting professional :P)

Random Print Screen

Usual chat with Tubs. Webcammed cause we were just too bored. LOL

New Beta Windows Messenger~

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