Monday, September 22, 2008

Guest Blogging ~!

Hey Peeps,

This is ADaM writing @ Amy's Blog. She invited me as a guest blogger. From today onwards, I will be posting entries here. Looking forward to it.

Here is a brief introduction of myself.

I'm 27, working as a travel agent. Residing at Kay Ell, enjoys working out. Used to be a party animal, but as Amy always address me, I've been Uncle-fied.

Should I tell u guys how we(me/amy) met? Hmm... I guess it's better for her to pen this down herself.

I hate Durian ~!

A blogger myself, I try my best to live today as if there is no tomorrow. "Life is too short to hesitate". I live by that ~! Yes..I'm a sucker for quotations ~!

That's it la, I hate corny introduction. If you have some ample time to waste, do visit my blog. I'm not an easy person to judge or predict as you will find out soon enough.

Stay tuned ~!

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