Sunday, September 21, 2008

Denis Simachev

While we were chilling at the hotel getting ready for a night out, I browsed through the travel guide book which was given by the hotel staff. Since we were too tired to go club we decided to settle for a chill out night at a bar or pub. One name caught my eye.

Moscow Best Bar 2008:  Denis Simachev 

Knowing that it was something not to be missed  and the odds of me going to a bar/pub in Moscow is close to 'nil' as all my friends are not the 'night crawler' type, I proposed to my States friend to go visit the joint. Suprisingly he agreed without much of a complain. Haha. Perhaps I was being too persuasive :P

The place really was kind of disappointing! The music was too hippie for my liking and it was filled with smoke. A bottle of beer cost us a painstaking 300
rubles!!!! Omg, we even ordered for 2 bottles 1 for each! Sigh. I sat there feeling bored, tired and sleepy. So much for a great night out. After a while, both of us can't take it anymore and headed for heavy supper ^^.

Went to a Japenese Restaurant and started ordering away. It was so appetizing. My mood instantaneously changed for the better. Headed back to the hotel at 3am.

Outside the bar

Super crowded!

Just me!

Cropped  :P

Scene #1

Scene #2

Scene #3

The deco

Me drinking

Inside the pub

Love the pic :)

Sushi restaurant

The restaurant deco

Some chicken!

Unagi maki!!!

Unagi bento :)

Live to eat!~


Peter said...

not you're persuasive but i am just too nice ok !!!

Antonio Candeliere said...

very good