Saturday, September 20, 2008

Thank God It's Friday!

Wah, what an end to a superbly hectic and tiring week! Another week to go till the end of therapy cycle! I can't friggin' wait. :( :( SO tiring..pimples popping out everywhere due to lack of sleep!

Been a busy Friday. Class ended at 245pm before adjourning to Mos Lanka to queue up forever to pay hostel fees. The way back to hostel was superbly jam got stuck for almost 2 hours before reaching around 6pm. Cooked instant noodles because I was craving for it before taking a 30mins nap. Woke up around 730pm and got ready for my dinner with Dinesh.

He's a nice guy to hang out with. We talked 'bull' for almost 3 hours plus! From 830pm till 12pm. Fui yoh! Rarely got guys that can really talk with girls. He looked good by the way. UNLIKE ME. I did not have the mood to dress up and make up so I went with my 'just wake up' face and hair which was a superb embarrassment for me!!! :( :( Paiseh!

Looking forward for the next hang out session~

Me and Dinesh *chindian btw*!~

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