Tuesday, September 16, 2008

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*Latest Update*

Super duper UNLUCKY!!!

Call me superstitious but I really do think someone JINX-ED our group!!!

1st cycle of the year: OPX already killed everyone of us. The one with the least otrabotka need to replace 4 classes with others with average 5-6 classes to clear!!! WTH!! Roarrr..Rumored and feared to be the most strict and hardest teacher to pass. We are 'suey' enough to get him as our OPX teacher for 2 weeks. Needless to say we have to go back to uni for otrabotka when therapy cycle is over.

2nd cycle of the year: Therapy.
We all thought, 'Oh, maybe will have change of weather since it's a new cycle!'. 2 days passed smoothly without any problems although we seemed to be 'teacherless'. Kept changing teachers the 1st 2 days. Today: SUPER DUPER SUEY SUEY SUEY*bad*!!!!
Again, the MOST FEARED teacher of the history of Therapy teachers, KAZOKOVA TATIANA. Initially our teacher wasn't her. We were at eased cause we thought we escaped the 'death' penalty. 

And you know what friggin' happened today? 

KAZOKOVA came over and lead us to her room and told us she'll be our teacher from today till the end of cycle! We sat there feeling chilled. She totally just bashed us like crap. We can't really answer the questions that she gave although I would say we all deserve 3/5 out of it, she complained and said we're all not ready and gave us 2 *fail* for ALL OF US! So we need to do otrabotka for Rheumatic fever class!!!! I was sooooo depressed, my face was solemn the whole day although I was a bit 'delighted' when I saw NINE WEST shop in the shopping mall while Kim and I were having our lunch there. Aih, need to prepare and study Hypertension Dis. + finish drafting the patient's history by tomorrow + prepare for Rheu.fever for replacement class for TOMORROW...

I am so D.E.A.D.
Aih, hope that everything goes fine and we can get this bloody zachut by the end of the cycle and then settle of OPX zachut after that!!!! It's killing us!!!!!!!! :( :(


Good Friends that stick to you through the thick and thin and shower you with happiness and laughter.

Watch this lame vid. Mr super chubby cute is in. LOL (click on the vid for better quality viewing)

Playing webbie with Jiin Babe.

My first ever Coach

Japanese food

Capturing the breathtaking Kremlin night scenery

Taking happy pictures like this. Venue: Lover's bridge of Kropotinskaya.

Taking emo pics with close friends at Arbat again.

Chilling at night...Just having a beer :P

p/s: Use google chrome as your main browser people. Just a download away :)

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