Monday, September 15, 2008

Arbat Fun

Last Sunday Kim wanted to go Ismalufski Park to buy her 'oyster sauce' so Jiin and I decided to accompany her there. Too bad the chinatown located inside was closed for the day due to some auspicious event which I don't really know. LOL. Disappointed we left the place for Arbat although Kim did manage to buy a lovely sweater jacket for a minimal price and I bought wool socks to get ready for winter. 

Clothes for sale!

It was a bright sunny day indeed. My non-existence eyes due to the sun!

Jiin and I at Ismalufski Park

Arbat Fun

The gifted artists!

Kim was on the phone the whole time through. Someone close to us got admitted to the hospital that's why!

Who do you think she was drawing? We all thought it was the girl on the left. We were truly amazed at how she can transform her into a Cinderella until we moved in closer and saw the girl which was hidden behind the sketch. Haha. Funny.

My new sunnies with Jiin. Note the perverted old man on the left!

He stalked my pics!

Kim Kim.

Good friends.

Saw this poster and thought it resembled Kim and my latest hairstyle. So we decided to mimic her. LOL

Hers strike more resemblance!

Head & Shoulders!~

*Vintage touch to this Starbucks pic*

Me likey the cat on the left! Colorful!

Ballerina statue behind

Failed jump pics. All of them. Disappointment!

Resorted into taking a decent one.

Ex-Crimeans! *CSMU*

Smile~~ *Kim's slang* Si beh funny

Take 2. What's with my mouth lol

It's a bird, it's a plane! Drinking Kvas!


Same boring pose..I need new poses lol

Sigh. Like this edited pic. 

With attitude!

I am so such a BORE!!!

Jiin Babes! Love ya so much :D

The pic that Kim likes best :S Don't understand why

Requested a passerby to take this for us!

p/s: I have been MIA *missing-in-action* since Friday. Just got back to the hostel. Friend came over from the States, I got the privilege to stay in the hotel instead :D 

p.p/s: I am SO HAPPY! I got a COACH wristlet pouch from my dear friend from the States as a gift! So loving it! Going to post pictures up some other time :D :D

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