Friday, September 12, 2008

Dinner at Spartiv

After having our yum cha session, I was still VERY RELUCTANT to get back to my sad sappy boring room. I convinced the rest to have dinner together at their hostel instead! So we went to a nearby supermarket and bought the necessities before proceeding back to their hostel! :) :)

The girls with our food stock at the hostel corridor!

Lol. Traded my shoes for comfy slippers! :P

Bumped into Jacintha! Sorry for forgetting to find you again at Poppy the other day. LOL

Lol. That's onion she was holding!

They own cute aggressive hamsters!

Perng Yann with Kim.

Ex-college mates :)

Painful gorgeous shoes left abandoned. LOL

We walked around the hostels to find our other friends who stayed there as well. But 90% of them were not around on that particular Sunday evening. Some were at prayer meeting or out with friends. Sigh. So we started cooking right away~

One of the chefs for the day~~

Lol. I did nothing. Just cut some onions. So I played around disturbing her while she was cooking. Haha.

Don't know why I took the pic. Siao already! That's raw chicken!~

Kim and I were the rascals in the kitchen. LOL. Doing nothing and disturbing the 2 chefs behind :P :P

Tai Kor Tai doing his 'thing'.

Dangerous stunt. Don't do this at home! Kim just wanted to be in the pic :P :P

The soya sauce chicken up close~ It turned up to be a superb dish by Tubs :) :)

Vege tomyam soup with excessive onions by Jiin Babe! But still delicious nevertheless :)

Kept taking pictures :P

The mou liu girls. Don't mind us. LOL

Nothing better to do but pose with kicap. Felt so stupid now. Hoho..

The chef was sweating like mad!~ Blame the bad ventilation!!

Hot and sweaty~~

I also want to be in the picture!

While waiting for the food to cook, we....

Posed in front of Jiin's room!~ 'No hunting or trespassing babe~'

Lol This is the most hilarious pic ever! Hidden meaning to why I was doing the expression and my hand pose :P :P

Went to find Vishnu & Mani dudes!

Makan time~


Kim Kim.

Your blogger.

At the end of the day..while preparing to leave...Group pic first :)

Kim and I proceeded getting our asses back to our hostel located at the end of the metro line! My feet couldn't stand any further torture and pain anymore. LOL. Borrowed Jiin's slippers and wore them back. What a big difference from how I previously looked at the beginning of the outing and when everything ended. Friggin' funny.

Kim took a picture of me while we were waiting for the train so I could see how 'ah ma' I was looking that time.

Overwall it was A GREAT OUTING!! Haven't been having so much fun in Moscow since ages already! Great company really plays a huge role in making your day an exceptionally special and happy one :) Can't wait for the next get-together outing again :) Heart ya all :D hehe

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