Wednesday, September 10, 2008

2nd round: Yum cha

Since there is no such thing as MAMAK here in Moscow, our normal hang-out place would be MCDs. Ironically MCDs is one of the favorite spots for Russians to hang out. The joints are always crowded with people and sometimes you can't even find a spot to sit and eat. So normally people will order 'takeaway' instead especially at the center. After having our lunch, we decided to meet up Jiin who was having her 'date' at that time :P :P We quickly snatch her away from the fella and finally had her all to ourselves for the entire day onwards. Lala. Decided to meet up with her at Frunzen MCD!

On the way to the Vorobuiri Gori metro!

We had to walk past a nice park :P

So obviously we will take pictures there la :)

Happy me and Kim

The road taken :P :P

Sat on the beach~

The lucky guy who got to take pictures with the ladies :P

Hehe...the 'syiok sendiri' smile. Si beh funny :P

Don't know what we were doing with the tree LOL

And then we finally reached Frunzen! Was greeted with a yell by Jiin! Ish, Deng you girl! Don't scream so loud la. Ruin your sweet image :) The girl looked pretty with her skirt as she was out for a date :P :P We couldn't stop teasing her haha...

Jiin and me! My super oily face :(

Oxford shoes. Damn painful!!!

Someone's creation..

Girl's best friend :)

Camwhore time babeh...haha

Me pretending to be cuteee...

Shades from Rachael's :D

Everyone loved it! So they started taking pics with me specs!

Jiin's turn :P

My turn :P

Super hiao face LOL

Tubby was super cute..LOL

I also want to take pic!

The girls!!

Had so much fun with this crazy photogenic girl...Ish!!

So I kept taking pictures with her hahaha..

And again....


The old friends..

Bored of our faces yet?

Slurping down the last few drops of coke..

Candid of Kim. So cute haha

Amy, Jiin, Tubs

LALA...Pretending to be sweet..

Happy family!!

Yay! A successful self-camwhore whole group picture!!!

Up next: Cooking time!

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