Monday, September 08, 2008

Korean Restaurant!

Yeap so I had been pestering Tub to bring me go Korean Restaurant ever since we came back. Invited Kim to go as well because, 'the more the merrier :)' haha. I wore my new oxford shoes which I bought from Rachael. The lovely babe bought the shoe from Bangkok and flew it back all the way to KL so I could get my hands on it :D :D hehe. Love it! Yea, I wore the 3-tone dress which I bought from Rachael as well. Met up around 2pm at the designated metro station and make our way to the restaurant which stood on top of some sloopy hill!


OMG, my feet nearly KILLED ME! The new shoe made my feet covered with painful blisters! It was so painful I had a hard time walking :( And to make matters worse, we hung out till night time whereby we decided to chill at their hostel first for dinner! Hehe, the chefs of the day, Tubs and Jiin were to cook dinner for Kim and I :P :P We went ramstore near the metro to buy necessary junkies before walking painstakingly slow to their hostel which was located quite far away. I was practically limping my whole journey through! 

Pictures of the Korean Lunch first!

Kim's plain pork rice I think

Tubs and I ordered the same dish. Fried pork with rice :) Delicious~

Some fried dumpling...nice :)


And then we started taking pictures! It's Kim's shaky handssss :P :P :P *blaming the photographer*

K K. Nice one 

Kim with the aquarium

Self take is always better!

Mua and Kim

Yay. I still have my tan :P


Asked the waiter to take a picture for us!

The casino in the hotel..

Looks a bit like Genting!

Posing ni la! I don't gamble! :P

The not permitted pictures I took secretly!

Take 2

Woah, some VIP room for the gamblers~

Note the nice chandelier!

Sit and pose only la!

The nice toilet :P

Up next: Frunzen!


C.l.i.c.H.e G.a.L said...

hmmm ... the korean restaurant seems to be quite interesting... where is it anyway?

AmyKsy said...

vorobiuri gori metro station there. then walk up the hill till at the leninsky prospect street i think.
Inside Korston Hotel :)
for more info, ask Lewis/Tubs :)

p/s: Nice bumping into u tat day, actually went to ur room at spartiv to find u but u were at prayer meeting wit the rest of d ppl i wanted to meet up wit..

C.l.i.c.H.e G.a.L said...

so its Korston Hotel that most of my friends were talking about... nice bumping into you too.. ^_^ ... you should have just come and crash in. I bet all of them would wanna meet you too... ^_^