Sunday, September 07, 2008

One last time!

K la guys! This will be my LAST post of my pictures taken in Malaysia. The future ones will only be of where I am already. Had a blast today though! Went out for lunch with Kim and Tubby at a Korean Restaurant at Vorobiuri Gori. The food was OK, we think that Jasmine restaurant serve much better Korean food! We met up with Jiin at Mcd Frunzen and hung out for awhile before proceeding to going to Tubby and Jiin's M1 hostel. They were our hosts for the day. We went to Ramstore supermarket and bought food stock before cooking dinner together! It was so fun! We took pictures non-stop! I am so loving my new camera :P :P :P


Tc and I at Pudu Kopitiam a month ago. Met up and gossip for almost 2 hours! LOL

Yumcha with this fella for 3-4 times already until the 'mamak' uncle remembers our face!

With parents at some dinner. Bro at another table! Did not get to take any pictures with my handsome brother this summer :(

With daddy!

With Shu Shien at the KLIA airport!

Sigh. Last family picture minus brother cause he doesn't want to go to the airport :(

Trying out on my new camera. Beautiful scenery from my very own window in my hostel in Moscow at 4am in the morning!

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