Thursday, September 04, 2008

My last week at Home

My last week in Malaysia was quite eventful. Outings one after another every single day. I did wanted to actually stay at home and rest for a day at least, but just couldn't say no to my friends. Some of them which I still have not have the time to meet yet. I did however did my last minute clothes shopping firstly with Mei. Bought a lot of dresses though. 2nd shopping was at Racheal's. I brought Tee Cheng along since she was free and was around the area at that time. Initially thought we could go KDE and suntan again but weather prohibited us from doing so. It was raining all the time. The sky was always gloomy. Anyways, we shopped quite a bit at Racheal's. She brought some NICE stuff back from Bangkok! Thanks girl for buying me the red bikini I told you about :) hehe. You're so sweet. Oh and also for selling me your gorgeous dress!!!!! LOL. Am so going to treasure it!

Pictures time!~

Amy. TC. Racheal. At her house. Me holding her toy she bought from Bangkok :) Rach called me 'BLACKIE' cause I was too tan in her opinion T_T!

Oh. Aren and I pledged to have our last outing before both of us leave for our respective universities in the same country but different states for the new semester! Just want to say Aren, it has been a real pleasure knowing you from a stranger to a good friend. It was always fun having you around making my day a happier one. LOL. Though I am always happy all the time also la :P Sorry if I treated you unfairly or what la. Hope I did not bully you too much. Good luck in your 'love hunt' and studies k! :P Hope to see you soon. Maybe less than a year? Haha

Went to 1utama to get his collectible Star Wars saber sword which cost rm180!!!! CRAZY GUY!!!

Happy with his new found treasure! Eh, thanks for fetching me ar :)

The almost 6'' guy with a 5''4 girl

Yea. Sit down so there won't be a vast vertical differences LOL. Note my crazy blue nail color :P

Wednesday night

It was the last night before I flew off the next day. Have been wanting to meet Kok Ding for the last time since a few weeks back but both are always either too busy or plan cancelled last minute. In the end even though 2 of our friends, Jin and TC can't make it that night we both continued with our dinner plan and went to Delicious Cafe, next to Ascott Hotel opposite KLCC as recommended by AdamC. Kingston, KD's friend tagged along. It was a laughter-filled dinner. How nice it was. I will remember it as long as I can :P (I tend to be forgetful)

The lame jokes the boy cracked made me laugh until I couldn't breath.

The getting-to-know you sessions whereby we talked about our current studies and future preferences.

The stupid times when we each share our 'spiritual' encounters. It was TOTALLY HILARIOUS. The guys were scared shitless when they heard about my side of the story!

My hospital experiences which I shared with them thinking they are brave enough to look at those gross and disturbing pictures I took in my phone but they quickly turn their faces away with disgust and horrid because it was deemed too 'yucky' for them. I was laughing my ass off at their silliness.

Guys, I don't think you will be reading this, but I did had an enjoyable dinner with you both. Glad to have met you ever so randomly at London, Kok Ding, and also the joker Kingston who actually 'crash' our dinner :P

Our healthy meals

Chicken salad

Caesar Salad

Kingston's Salmon carbonara? :S

KD's seafood spaghetti


Tiramisu Take 1

Tiramisu Take 2 ( it just tasted alright only)

Strawberry Sundae which tasted AWESOME!

Camwhore time

Kingston and I

Me with the guys after dinner. The atmosphere was good :)

Kingston. Amy. Korean look-a-like Kok Ding

Last picture of the night! :)

Thanks KD for the dinner treat :) It was nice of you. Teehee~

-9 months back-

First time meeting at Dejavu, London

'those were the happy days'

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