Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Seems like never enough

I miss my summer. I miss my friends. I miss my endless outings. I miss shopping! I miss my trips! I miss everything. I feel like I am 'lost' here. Vivien's not back yet and everyone's busy with their own respective life, eg: girlfriend and studies. I don't know why I still don't have the mood to touch the books yet. Probably because today is the first day of class! Sigh, teacher already putting so much pressure on us. Have to prepare for class every single day! And it's in fully in friggin' Russian. I had a hard time coping in class. Desperate to catch what the teacher was trying to say.

My heart is still in Malaysia. Sad to say that. I kept looking at my past pictures. Listening to the hot songs that used made my day. Talking with my Malaysian friends telling them how much I actually miss them which I actually do. Sms-ing my mom daily but she seemed kind of busy enjoying her Merdeka Holidays to actually attend to me whining :P

Aih. Probably because I never stay in my house back in Malaysia whole day without doing anything. I always have something to attend to, friends to meet, daily visit to my dad's kopitiam eating anything that I feel like eating without restrictions, watching our favourite drama on Astro with the whole family every night. Sleeping on my forever comfy bed, wake up to the sight of my messy room and my beloved piano feeling blissed because I am enjoying my life to the fullest knowing I am at where I love being best.

Kind of starting to wonder why I am still having home sick although I am already in my 4th year here already. Darn!!!!! I miss driving my car!!!!! Pavilion I miss you!!!!!

-emo mood-

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