Sunday, August 31, 2008

Excited beyond words!

*I want to thank those who called and sms-ed me to wish me safe journey before I flew off to Moscow. It was really sweet of you guys :) Muaks....hehe *

Ok. I am now officially blogging everyday. Or even posting multiple updates a day! Sigh, guess this is what happens when you're too free, without cool friends to hang out with throughout the day, no duties, just waiting for time to pass and for classes to start.


You know what guys?

I am heading to BANGKOK AND BALI again JULY NEXT YEAR!!!!!


Gorgeous Bali

It was a total coincidence. I saw my friend who is currently in Aussie went online in MSN. Curious on why she posted on her PM: 'Mich, PY, MFoong I hate you guys!' I msn-ed her. All the mentioned people are our friends as well.

And she just told me the GREATEST news ever.

They are heading to Bangkok & Bali next summer! I was like, WTH I want to go to!!! So added Mich into the chatroom and started discussing right away. Not even 10 minutes later, I logged in to Airasia and started booking the flights!!!!!!!

So it is now confirmed that I am heading to BANGKOK and BALI July 2009!!!!!!! Ahhhhhhhhh, I AM SO EXCITEDDDDDDD!!!!!!!

Don't know how my mom is going to react when she sees the cc bill next month. Hope she won't freak out at the sight of the transactions! I still haven't tell her about it yet. You know, mommies, they have the tendency to shout and say, 'WAH, JUST GOT BACK TO MOSCOW NOT EVEN A DAY ALREADY BOOKING FOR NEXT YEAR'S SUMMER HOLIDAY!'

But but but, it's ZERO FARE for Airasia now mah!! If not book now, later will be damn expensive!!!

Teehee~~ rm520 for 2ways to Bali is si beh cheap ok!!!! But before that was even cheaper around rm300+ aih...I was too late :( But it's OK Lah!

I couldn't fit in all my jeans :( :( :( People, I gained like 3 kgs back home. Now when I looked at my body in the mirror I could see the vast difference between the previous me before heading back for summer and now. I really don't know how to lose weight lah! I really hope I can wear them because classes are starting soon and it's getting cold. I need MY JEANS!!!! Have to refrain myself from eating so much!!!!

p/s: HAPPY MERDEKA my beloved Malaysia! I am missing you already. Will be posting some pictures up of a few last outings before I left M'sia soon!


He's awesome! Friggin' talented guitar playing kid! Must watch!

With or Without You - Sungha Jung

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