Saturday, August 30, 2008

Thumbs down for Emirates


Just when you think you're back in nightmare again, there's always something you can look upon and smile for. The gorgeous blue Moscow sky.

*Very long post*

This is my first time taking this airline. My uni mate and I thought it would be a good idea to try this 'infamous' airline for once since we do want to drop by Dubai for a visit next summer. Everyone was telling how good and efficient this airline is. It did cost us a fortune for the 2-way 1 year duration ticket. RM4840 per person to be exact. The other one like Thai airline was way cheaper although their service is good. And you know what?

It sucks!

The seats were horrible! I did not slept throughout the journey from KL to Dubai and from Dubai to Moscow which summed up to around 13-14 hours. It was too rigid and uncomfy. The flight meals were not up to my expectations and there were too little options to choose from. The space between the middle isles and the side isles is too narrow. You can barely walk to your seat!

No. I am not done complaining..

The transit itself took us massive 7-8 hours! Just imagine sitting at the transit area for that long doing nothing. You're tired, agitated, lack of sleep. But the sight of the transit area makes you stomach churned. It was like a REFUGEE camp! Friggin' all sorts of people were sleeping on the floor covering themselves with anything they can find, eg, stolen blankets from the airline, smelly odour emitting from their 'god knows' how many days uncleaned bodies. It was burning hot in the airport like there was no airconditioner. They did however serve those who're in transit for more than 7 hours a free meal. And as usual, free food = long queue to get them!And the free meal I thought they would at least serve is a normal American Breakfast meal.

Guess not!

It was just an option of either orange juice or coffee/tea. And you can only get snacks. Choices of either 'karipap' or banana cake! And you can't ask for more if it's not enough! That's it!!! Omg. I was so DISSATISFIED but what to do? Free meal what. LOL. Left the cafe in disgust after seeing how bad the waiter's bad attitude, and the environment of the place. Yishhh, will NEVER EVER think of sitting Emirates to anywhere in the near future! Even QATAR airline is better than them!

What happen to the WORLD CLASS REKNOWNED BEST AIRPORT IN DUBAI? I have no idea.

We reached Moscow around 340pm. Headed down to the KASTAM area and were greated with massive crowd waiting to check out. It was already a tradition whereby we have to be at the airport at least 2 hours before we can finally check out and get our luggage. Their security had always been tight making us students who are only in Moscow for studies suffer endlessly! I was so frustrated when the long queue I was at just wouldn't budge an inch to the front. After waiting for like 15 minutes, I decided to change lanes and change lanes and change lanes. Finally went to one which was pretty quick. And I was out from the KASTAM in no time. I saw my friend at the baggage reclaim area and was shocked to find out she was out there for 15 minutes already waiting for me. LOL. Some people are just efficient!

Got our luggage. THANK GOD. You know why? More than 10 students lost their luggage. Those baggage were stuck in Dubai and will only be sent to them the next day. See, thats why my friend and I were so lucky. But not quite yet!

It was quite a hassle hailing cabs in Moscow. The drivers are forever greedy and always wanted more money than is actually necessary. The normal 'taxi' rate is 700-1000rubles. But they were asking for 3000 rubles at the airport. Like WTH. You want to slaughter us is it?

After 15 minutes of hailing cabs 1 after another we finally got 1 at the price of 1000rubles. We thought we could go back to the hostel in peace.


The jam was BADDD! It took us more than 2 hours just to get our asses back to the hostel. But that time, I was hungry, tired, dirty, smelly. All sorts of disgusting adjectives you can find in your dictionary.

My luggage was way over-weight. Around 50 kgs. I was being a HERO-in la. Managed to sneak in 20 kgs of those in cabin as the luggage check-in weight limit is 30kgs. My back sore like mad after I put everything in my room. Showered. And get my ass out of the hostel to get my internet fix. (Yea, I can't live without internet here.)

Headed to Kwartal and got myself 2 bottles of water and other necessities. Got back and started UNPACKING. Forgot to even look at my mobile and when I did after I manage to unpack all my stuff it was already 11pm and my friend who sms-ed me has already gone to bed by that time. No dinner for me :( I was so TOTALLY EXHAUSTED!

Went online for awhile. And wham! Went to bed.

Here I am now blogging in peace, I am now in Moscow again in ONE PIECE.

Back to the boring life I have here. Yea, and I have to live through it for another 3 more years...

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