Thursday, August 28, 2008

Outings back to back

Last week's events

Delicious Cafe

It's been 8 months since the last I saw of Gene. The last time was back in London. We took the chance to meet up since I am going to leave this week. I invited Jwei as well since she was the one that introduced us to each other. Gene suggested Delicious Cafe, Bangsar.

Green Curry Chicken. It was delicious!

Me with my food!

Amy. Gene

Chocolate Brownie

The TANNED girls

Take 2


Jwei & Gene

Farewell picture!~

p/s: Thanks Gene for treating us lunch :)

Primary friends reunion

Amy. Pretty Molly

Yay. Peace

Kay Renn. Besties during kindergarten and primary school days. But drifted apart when we went into different secondary schools!

3 girls!

Make face.


Blurred pic!

Too bad I had to leave early. Had to rush off to do some stuff.

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