Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Godiva + Secrets of Louisiana

I have been trying to get to meet up with the BUSY working woman Tee Cheng since I got back 2 months ago, but in vain till last Saturday. Lol. I was fashionably late for almost an hour, Sorry TC! But my new hairstyle needed time to get used to and to style it to look presentable. Sigh, I spent 30mins trying to get it right, dampening them, blow dry 'em, wax em, fixing here and there, and blow drying again and even hair-sprayed them. It's crazy!!

Anyways we met up at Pavilion and didn't manage to meet up with London kaki, Li Suen. 4 of us, TC,HJin, Li Suen and I used to hang out in good ol' London 2 years back, going clubbing as such! Those good ol' times that I don't think is going to happen again! :( As we are all occupied with our own respective lives.

Hottie TCheng. Darn skinny already! Don't work too hard!

Yours truly, Amyksy. We met at Godiva and had our expensive drinks there. Sigh.

We headed over to Secrets of Louisiana, Kelana Jaya Waterfront to celebrate Mei's 21st birthday.

Hehe. Mua again. Love my tomboy look eh =P

Nice ambience and so is the price!!!

Overlooking the lake as the sunsets.

Getting dark

p/s: More after getting pictures from Mei & Mkee.

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