Sunday, August 16, 2009


Adam called and asked me out to join the gang for a drink at Bangsar. I said yes, and he came to pick me up at 10 something. The restaurant@bar is called Leonardo's, specializes in Italian fine dining.

Sheaumun and me with our red wines.

A table of fine dining.


My outfit for the night (went for the sweet look)

Ribbon back dress: Topshop
Belt: BKK
Shoes: DD
CD bag: Dad's present


Lol we were fascinated by the brick walls hence we kept camwhoring there.

The 2 girls.

Back to back

Up close

Kisses from both of us

The dudes

Bumped into Rachael and her gang.


Tai lou Adam and mua.

Again. Wuah I looked so tan here.

He's a she! :P

Chill pic


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