Thursday, August 13, 2009

Mumbo Jumbo Night!

Anaand came down all the way from Kedah for a week long holiday in Kuala Lumpur. Decided to meet up and bring the sexy back for him so we went out on a Tuesday night ( of all nights) to party but was given an early dissapointment when the bar we were supposed to go 21 bar was totally devoid of humans. Empty and deserted we resorted into going to Shirley's Spanish bar, Panchoas for a drink or two.

Met up with Adam and Sheaumun after that and we went to this old disco slum with retro music blasting through their sound systems. We danced the night away with Y.M.C.A, Billy Jean and a whole lot more! Definitely a night to remember and Anaand and I decided to hop on over to a 2nd bar for a more R&B approach. Headed back home afterwards after sending Anaand back to Cyber.


Anaand and I

Bar interior

Boring Mojito

Delicious Lychee Martini :)

Mouth watering Pork ribs

Crunchy calamari


Our shoes

Anaand eat boobies!

Amyksy, AdamC, SM


Stupid Adam pretending to sleep.

I like Heineken!

Full body pic.

Outfit for the night
Tie dye dress: Chatuchak, BKK
Bondage heels: online
Clutch: MNG

The hulk saving the lovely maidens.

Need I say more?

With Sm

Uni mates! :)

Pretending to be cute.

Downing it.

Last picture of the night!


Gallivanter said...

I do think mojitos are overrated. :-)


AmyKsy said...

yea sure is :)