Saturday, April 19, 2008

b52 after 2 years..

The last time I stepped into the club was back when I first came here during 1st year. It was Kristof's birthday I think. One group of people went to celebrate his birthday there. Unfortunately pictures were gone as my laptop was stolen a year back. Lol should see our nerd faces. Anyways, Jas asked me to go last night around 930pm. Was reluctant at first. I thought we were heading to B2 but it was B52 instead! I think I overdressed. Anyways I wore the dress I wore before in London. Lack of clubbing clothes here anyways. Turning into a goody goody two shoes. Lol. It was Balin's birthday and a bunch of people I haven't seen since the 'Cabana' days came as well, so I just said yes and went with them. The girls from 14-06 went as well, Karina, Yogi and Vina :) The music was great but lack of the urge to dance. No feel :S Maybe I am too old for this kind of activities already. Haha.

Their backs

Jas, Amy, Yogi, Vina

Karina, Jas, Amy, Yogi, Vina

The 'HOT HOT' guy Jas was eyeing the whole night. But unfortunately, he's taken..BY 2 GIRLS. Wth. The middle one is his over-possessive gf *she puts on an angry look whenever he looks at pretty hot chics* but while he was seated, another China girl was putting her hand inside his boxers. Like WTH...Lol. Complicated guy..

Abang Suren, Jas dancing...

MANI..Since Cabana I think..

"Beary" Vishnu, nice old friend from M1

Random negro fella


We just can't stop posing..

Like this pic. Karina's pretty..

Different facial expressions..


Take 2..

Making stupid faces..

Avi, Amy, Abang Suren



Yo don't know who's finger is that...


At the couch..with M1 peeps..

Deven, thanks for introducing me to 'Calabria' rocks..



Smiling ear to ear... :)

Headed back around 430 am and chatted till 6am before dozing off...

p/s: Did you guys notice I wore 'hair band' for the first time? Lol.

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