Saturday, April 19, 2008

PDA with friends

Abbreviations for Public Display of Affection. I am not talking between couples but between friends as well. Eg: If you're a girl and your close friend is a guy. I think it is considered alright and decent in other parts of the world, but I am not quite sure about it in Malaysia though. Other than the busy city of Kuala Lumpur, I don't think people from different states will view this as appropriate.

Do you think hugging your close friend who's of different sex or taking close pictures with each other is consider ok?

I have always been a city girl all my life, and for me socializing is an important part of my life. My life in KL that is. Does not include Moscow, cause this is the place where I am brought here in the first place to study and graduate. That's why when I go back Malaysia, I will be all out on socializing and meeting up with old friends. Cause I know that's what I am going to miss most when I am back in Moscow for another year of stress.

Some people just can't understand that it is a part of our culture to be 'cuddly'. Especially when you're out there traveling to see the world. Actually I experienced my FIRST CULTURE SHOCK in Brighton, UK. Supposed to meet my friend's friend *Malaysian Chinese guy* whom I actually met before 3 years back but we thought we did not know each other.

When he first saw me at the beach, he hollered, 'Hey, how are you?' And peck both of my cheeks and gave me a warm friendly hug.

I just stood there STUNNED. I mean literally. I can be considered as open minded already. But to be kissed on the cheek by a stranger that I thought I haven't met? My cheek blushed instantaneously but after a while it just registered in my head that it's JUST A NORMAL GREETING for people in UK.

So there goes. Sometimes people might think you're wild just because you are so called 'over-friendly' with friends of your opposite sex. But to me, once you've reached the level of best friends, a 'beary' hug or a friendly pat on the back and taking face to face picture with each other is not considered as a HUGE factor to begin with.

Oh, what if your bf is the kind that will mind? To me, frankly, I don't know. To continue being yourself? Or to change to be someone who's hostile? :S Maybe like what's been said, you're just not suitable for each other! No matter how deep is the love, sometimes when one can't accept other's flaw, nothing can be done.

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