Tuesday, April 29, 2008


-Day 1 of gambahteh-ness-

I think I overexercised today. Or maybe because I cut down my food intake drastically for the day. Going to keep up the work until Massad comes by this Sat. Lol. Just weighed myself, guess how heavy am I? You guys will have the shock of your life! After russian class today, the whole group proceeded going to Abu Cafe for lunch and I just look at my group mates happily munching those succulent chicken fillet and shaurma while I had to keep my mouth shut and shoo away all those food. Then went to Perekrestok and I started grabbing pears and tomatoes as my meals for these few days. I know you guys will start to complain and ask me not to do all this, but for 5 days of misery for a night of GLORY ^.^ I think it's worth it? Furthermore I'll be eating like a pig on that day muahahahahahaha!!!! :P

Went to the park with the gang for jogging and played badminton with some russian people and lost! Haha. Damn embarrassing. Came back, had a small bowl of cereal with milk and started my aerobics + pilates exercise with Ruey Ying, my 'mentor' who actually lost more than 10 kgs in the last few months. So thin and small size already now.

Fell so tired now I can barely move my body. Probably hitting the sack soon...ZzZZZZzzz..

I miss krispycreme!! :P

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