Monday, April 28, 2008

Kremlin sunny day~

Our lunch

Bright sunny Saturday. After a tiring but fun time the night before and having to hit the sack at 4am in the morning, I woke up around 12 and got ready to leave hostel for another shop outing to help me friend Anaand to find the perfect outfit for MASSAD. 3 of us left our home and decided to hit 'Planeta Sushi' for lunch. Wow. The food was GREAT. I am still salivating just thinking about it. The last time I went was during my birthday which was like 2 months ago. Soon after we began to walk around the centre snapping pictures like no one's business cause it's spring now!! The weather was so nice and with the perfect lighting, no one can stop me from posing man! Haha.

Went GUM, the most expensive shopping mall in Moscow. He bought 3 shirts from ZARA MAN. All 3 which I picked and asked him to try on. Rich fella. Went home around 7. Tired...

The bright sunny day outside

Unagi Maki..


Sayang Viv posing in front of the toilet mirror. I was applying my lip gloss. Haha

Anaand's 50rubles dessert..

Wedding many brides and bridegrooms on that day..

2nd couple..

Viv Anaand

Sunny sunny..

Pondering in front of the infamous ST BASIL

Me Likey!

Friends forever ya...

My Viv..


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