Monday, April 28, 2008

Crazy night out...

Only half of us

It has been ages since the last time a big group went out shopping, spent darn a lot on food & drinks & splurge on clothing at the same time! During our surgery class last Friday, we got a call from our Russian teacher wanting to cancel our Russian class for the day. We were ecstatic but worried at the same time cause this is the 3rd consecutive time we cancel our Russian class! Nevertheless, nearly the whole class went to Kievskaya mall for some food and shopping spree. I wasn't planning in spending at all as I have my full gear for MASSAD already. Maybe if I see some cool accessories that suits my dress I would consider buying it. We walked around the mall until we got tired and proceeded going to Coffee House for "FRAPPE" drink. The guys wanted to hang out outside the mall as it has a fountain and park to chill at. So we went to the super market and grab some drinks to 'thani'.

It was fun. We chilled until 12midnight singing our hearts out, having girls talk, posing in front of the cameras, doing crazy antics as well. I think this is the first time I had this kind of outing in Moscow for the last 3 years! Hope there are more of crazy moments like this to come in the future :)


Posers at the food court :P

Best of friends..

Posers on bench while the rest went to the loo..

Me likey the cap..


Failed jump shot

I am a 'hao poh' lol

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