Sunday, April 20, 2008


Wooot..Seeing their latest photo shoot on Couture Batik. It took my breath away! Omg. Most of them looked so gorgeous and professional. The dresses looked so pretty and expensive. Haha. Anyways. Here are the pictures taken. My favourite for now is.. ADELINE!!!! Way to go!! :)

Way to go Ringo! She looked so gorgeous in this picture. Looked like a pretty fairy :)

Yayayaya. Beautiful and cute Adeline. I think her expression is good and her whole look in this picture is impeccable. :)

Cindy. I think this is her best picture by far. Pretty face, GORGEOUS hair, nice shoulders, and a beautiful dress. BRAVO..

Hanis. Same facial expression. Not bad.

What is happening to you Jay? What's with that look? Sigh, you've got to get your engines running or you'll be out in the next round!

Nice dress but not sure bout her face though.

p/s: Just my bland comments. Feel free to disagree with me. Can't wait to watch the next episode! 3 girls will be eliminated but who?

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