Monday, April 21, 2008


Time of the year has come. So many things to think about so many things to consider so many things to decide. Lol. No I am not talking about studies. I am talking about makeup & hairstyle. I know some of you are going to shoot me or kick me at the butt, but seriously now's the time when all the girls will fuss about what to wear, what to do with the hair, which makeup is most suitable for the occasion. Aih. Confusing..Wishing for a fairy god mother to provide me with a makeup artist and hairstylist :P

Was thinking of simple and nice?

Sweet and princess-like?

Totally love this look. But will it be too 'garang' or fierce? likey..haha but..too over?

p/s: 3 posts in a day. Proves one thing. I am too free!!!

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