Monday, January 12, 2009

Frozen but delightful.


Chatted with one of my close relatives today and found out some useful information about the economical situation now. What they call as 'crisis crunch /credit crunch'. It's affecting the two most powerful continents of the world namely, The States and UK. This has been happening since October 2008. I have been well-hidden under my shell so long, oblivious to what's happening around me I felt so stupid while registering the things we discussed about.

Apparently the bank is suffering shortage of cash due to the 'sloppy control of traffic' of the outflow of cash which have been commencing for quite a few years and now the worst is kicking in. To relive the problems they have decided to put a halt in giving out mortgages till further notice in April 2009. *info taken according to UK*

In short, those who are doing investments and wishes to get loan from the bank. Sorry man, but you're in DEEP SHIT.


This person is having this problem. Gave a deposit of roughly 200k rm for the investment and was suppose to get loan from the bank until the crisis took over. Needless to say, if he/she doesn't come up with the rest of the money (which the person can't cause of the problems with the bank), the deposits will be down the drain, swallowed by the developers. If you're ever on his/her shoe, what would you do?

But wait, then again, readers, you're only just about my age, which is early twenties I suppose, I don't think we are liable to having this kind of situation till another 5 years down the road?

But we can help too.



Stop using your credit card already!

It's not your money. Please do not think of it as extra cash that you can splurge on.

Many of them youngsters, used their credit card to their highest limit, and have problems PAYING BACK. Most ended up declaring 'bankruptcy' so that they don't need to pay back the money that they owe.

Smart move? I don't think so.

So think twice people before rolling your credit card for shopping or dining out :)

p/s: Just feel like sharing this info out. But then again, I secretly wish I can go to London now and do MASSIVE SHOPPING spree since it's only 5.0 in comparison with the strong 7.0 currency exchange last year. Aih, but SELF-CONTROL man, self-control.


Some pictures I stole from theFbook, taken by Asrul during the Ice Sculpture Festival event. I wish I saw more of them sculptures but it was really too cold to venture even a single step into the garden of ice.

Beautiful flower lights

Bear with the tree.

The kid was doing the Superman thing while sliding.

Ok, I'll just stick to the old traditional way. Haha

ITS KLCC ON ICE!!!! again, KLCC!!

Oh, we just love to take pictures.

With the Malay seniors.

Ok, the President of SMSA (M1), Faiz, with your blogger.

Frozen table.

Embracing my roots!

Again, Malaysia BOLEH!!

I like the tunnel actually.

Sitting next to the green lady.

MCD afterwards. Food never tasted that good before.


Peter said...

although I am in the states, but crisis crunch /credit crunch seems none my business. I am going to new york city next week, woohoo...and my 2009 resolutions is traveling to canada and mexico ! Hope my company don't fire me, baru saya ada duti makan angin !!!

Jessica said...

The bear with the tree is the symbol of Madrid. =)

AmyKsy said...

peter: yea, you got a lot of cash ma! have fun during the trip!

jessica: hey dear! thanks for the info :)