Saturday, January 10, 2009


Been out the past few days, felt the heavy burden finally heaved off my tense shoulders. The past two weeks had been a total torture. Caged in my own premise, can't go out as Jiin's back to Malaysia and has no time to entertain me :P, leaving the rest of the boring people here who refuses to leave their den no matter what. I had no choice but to bury my nose in books, watch tons of movies and chat with the same old people daily to pass time.

I really hate the period when you've got too much time in your hand to waste, and you can't do anything about it. Just staring at the clock as every painstakingly long second ticks away, hoping the exam season will be over as fast as possible and for me to leave this depressing place!

*Now I sound emotionally stressed :P*

Was online window-shopping and stumbled upon this picture of Agyness, the infamous model with her SUPER COOL blond short hair! Totally love her looks, not every girl can carry that kind of style. :) Maybe I can? Haha, still torn over having short or long hair now.

You're so cool.

Rock look

Street fashion. Totally 'yeng'.


Ice Sculpture 2009

It was -20 degrees that day. Super cold!

Pretty Malay Senior, Lisa :)

Faizi, senior in M1.

Me with Nikon D60. Took a few experimental pictures with Canon 450D. The feeling's awesome. Just maybe I will get a dslr too. Maybe. :P


Han said...

cool blog. hav been thinking to get a slr for awhile now :)

AmyKsy said...

thanks han. keep track of my blog then.
go get dlsr if you want to.