Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Sorry Babushka

One sentence summed the whole night.

It was crazy!

We were supposed to go to Fabrique, the infamous club that Jasvyn had been talking about since a year ago. Unfortunately, we did not get the chance to go even after she left for good. Ann was talking about again and I thought, 'Why not?' since it's holidays now, prior to 2 deadly exams that is!

5 of us ventured on a freezing night out that will be imprinted on our minds for some time. That I am sure. Fabrique's face control turned out to be downright cruel and we were forced to change venue. After club-hopping (as most of the clubs were closed due to the festive season), we crashed Sorry Babushka, a mid-class club.

Again, to my disappointment they were playing techno and trace which bores me to death. Russians just don't know how to appreciate R&B and a little House. Cam-whored as usual and danced a little. I was actually ogling at the beauties that were dirty-dancing there.

We spent quite an amount of cash just on transportation alone, and the temperature was around -12 which was overwhelming because we weren't exactly dressed to stay out in the cold that long. My toes nearly got frost-bitten. Which was why I said the night was crazy from the beginning!

Headed home early as one of us wasn't feeling well.


Better luck next time. LOL!


Me, looking oh-so-serious.

The view.


This dancer is hot. All of them are skimpily dressed.

Smart-cooperate clubbing girl vs Rocker chic.

Ordering drinks.

What was I thinking?

Goodbye to you, Sorry Babushka. No, I am not going to visit you again.

Loving my outfit for the night.


Peter said...

like the last pic, sexy legs !!!

AmyKsy said...

swt. thanks