Sunday, January 04, 2009

Counting down to 2009

It was that time of the year again, when everyone will go out and have fun, enjoying the last few moments as the year comes to a majestic end and welcoming the new year ahead.

I still remember how I celebrated my New Year's eve last year. It was a breathtakingly new experience for me. I landed at Heathrow airport, London on the 31st of December, 2007 and was picked up by my lovely friend, Melissa. Girl, I still appreciate your generous hosting back then. And we headed over to The Thames and watched from afar the fireworks exploding from London's eye.

31/12/2007, London

Aih, those days are gone. I am stuck in Moscow this New Year around. But it was still memorable. Celebrated Anaand's birthday on that day as well since he's a New Year baby being born on the 1st January. Headed over to Yakitoria Japanese Restaurant for early dinner as all the other restaurants were closed for the auspicious day.

Afterwards, we traveled almost the whole of Center of Moscow and finally ended our Around Moscow in 1 Night at MGU, Universitet. Wow, the fireworks there were crazy. Lighted by the Chinks from China, they were firing fireworks away like they were free! So many of them and at such a short distance from the people. Some of the debris flew our way and some even hit us hard. It was that dangerous. Not to mention, it was super cold, but the scenery from the top of the hill overlooking Moscow River was magnificent. Oh so beautiful, romantic, gorgeous, all the adjectives can't sum up to how pretty it looked that night! As usual, we took a truck filled with pictures, courtesy from the photographer-in-the-making, Chris, Queklin.

Your blogger

Birthday boi, Anaand.

Chris can't stop snapping pictures, and I really appreciate your hard work :)

The master of his own cam. LOL

Again. Love your fedora, Anaand.

Cute Changlu.

Strawberry kiss.

Cheers to a new beginning.

Mr Superman, and we're in awe of you. LOL

Chicks (Mei Kuen, Changlu, Amy, Angelina)

Grey mode.


This is my current desktop background. Thanks, Chris.

Arbat graffiti. Flash off.

Kremlin with the money ice-bear.

Putting my wish up on the wishing tree :)

The whole bunch in Metro.

MGU. Freezing.

Glitters of wonders bursting onto the sky. (Fireworks)

View of Moscow River from MGU. Reminds me of Seine River.

My trembling frozen hands took this picture.

it's Ian Shah, ex-CBN-er!

Happy girls. 3Cbners + a stranger.

Underneath, the neon-lighted Xmas tree.

Signing off, my favorite picture of the night.


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