Thursday, January 01, 2009

New Year Resolution 2009

*Scheduled post*

1. Have my own stand. (Don't be easily influenced by the petty negative forces of others)

2. Be stronger in heart (emotionally) and mind (thinking) . (Don't get caught up in the heat of the moment, don't have a weak heart, widen your perception and thoughts)

3. Be stronger physically. Lose weight. Be healthy. (A task that I just can't get right :P )

4. Treasure and appreciate my love ones more. (family, friends, etc)

5. Spend thrift. (Less on clothing and dining out)

6. Have more awareness. ( Keep track of what's happening around the world, at our home, and around me)

7. Be consistent in studies. (Trying and trying)

8. Travel more! (Nothing can dampen my passion and thirst to see the world)

9. Stay single? Haha. (Don't think I need the heartaches, the headaches, the restrictions and tears)

10. Get a diving license. (If I have extra cash)

11. Ibiza (club, sea, sun, tan) paradise! (If it doesn't happen then it's 2010 resolution!)

12. Learn surfing in Bali. (Probability is high. Mf, Yan up for it? Hehe)

13. No pending! (So far so good, wish to go back the earliest for summer, homesick!)


Was skype-ing earlier on,

Many faces of Dude the Emo-God that never fails to crack me up!
All the best in your major New Year dance performance.

-Happy New Year-

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