Sunday, December 28, 2008

What lies beneath

I am into B&W pictures nowadays. Before this, I totally adore pictures with loud, vibrant colors because they catch our attention instantaneously. But after browsing through some pictures lately, I have come to a conclusion that indeed, B&W have their own beauty and inner qualities to began with.

Quote from an admirable Aussie photographer

'I feel, and it's a fact to most photographers I know that instead of the dramatic mood, that black and white brings, I believe it eliminates the distraction that color causes and forces to viewer to dive into other aspects such as composition, form and the overall aesthetic of the image. It encourages the viewer to step into the surreal side of things.'

I hereby posting up some of the B&W pics for your viewing pleasure.

Priceless expressions

Miracle baby

The game


The red stood out from the otherwise dull background.

The old man and the lady.

Gorgeous woman.

Simplicity of kids

From our photo shoot: Tschuys

People's favorite: Apart


Last batch of pictures from Xmas Ball.

Sim's Dslr

The magician

Xmas tree

Group picture. I wasn't smiling. Don't know why.

HS's dslr

Candid. Was chatting with the girls. *Those who claim I have a flat face need to get their eyes checked.* This picture proves otherwise.

Piano girls.

The luckiest guy in the ball 1.

The luckiest guy in the ball 2.


Ending of 2008, beginning of 2009.

What's your new year resolution guys?

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