Tuesday, January 20, 2009


It was already 3.45am in the morning, he has yet to budge from his workplace since dinner at Chinatown that he had with his bunch of friends. He yawned and scratched his messy turf of hair in frustration as he cracked his head for ideas. It was for his latest project, the professor had instructed the whole class to complete. It was the final one as it was nearing the end of the semester, winter holidays officially kicking off next week. Gosh, freedom felt so near yet so far! He had just replied a few emails over facebook. Yea, it was the latest buzz for young adults like him. He stretched the long legs of his as they felt numb after sitting on the rigid chair for too long. He decided to make himself a cup of coffee to keep himself awake.

At the age of 23, he majors in Photography at the University of the Arts London. It is a dream come true, his passion, his destiny. The route for him to understand more about different art forms. The long lower limbs is trait that his father had skillfully passed on to him. Towering over 6'1 feet tall, with brooding shoulders, short crop dark hair, he stands out pretty well from the average crowd. His face is no exception. The fair smooth skin, the thick but nicely shaped eyebrows, the sharp nose which is a bonus since he is after all, purely oriental, the lustrous lips which he luckily inherited from his mom. All of them sum up to a face qualify to be labeled as 'pretty boy'.

In contrary, he actually detests the nick. Too much of those words in his life forces him to cringe whenever someone tries to compliment him. He is forever humble of his undeniable good looks, never is the cocky man that everyone thinks he is. He does not want people to judge him from his looks, his achievements but rather just accept him as just a normal undergrad. He had a modeling background but decided to quit because he wasn't happy. He can't develop much from there. Over the past few years, he has involved himself in making low budget movies, being honored with the job as assistant director at one point, and did some post production work on his own short-film. All in all it has been a great experience for him.

Art is his middle name. It runs through his blood. He lives his life exploring the subject he loves so much, it is an adventure for him. A wonderful one I might add.

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