Thursday, January 24, 2008


Went out with Tee Cheng on Tuesday to Greenwich. The place is quite beautiful actually. Was wearing high heeled boots. My legs ached like hell. Took some beautiful pictures. The weather was exceptionally nice that day. After cam whoring we were headed to the station when I saw this Mexican restaurant with a surprisingly cheap lunch set special. Had buffalo wings and baby ribs. Wooot..nice..Then headed to Canary Wharf for sightseeing and took some pictures too. Walked around the shopping mall before heading for lunch at four seasons. Food was great :) Headed to Starbucks for coffee before bidding our goodbyes for the night.
Some college in Greenwich

Read the sign

Yeap. Queen's house


The park is beautiful
Took by a professional cameraman Love it Haha. Though Tee Cheng wasn't ready yet.
Professional handling the telescope. BEWARE..LOL
The view of London from Greenwich

The park. Notice the observatory on the top of the hill.

The end of the meridian greenwich line stands this 'thing'

THE MERIDIAN GREENWICH LINE!! With the digital clock behind

While climbing up the hill with difficulties

Canary Wharf

Night view of the skyscrapers


Starbucks at night!

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