Friday, February 08, 2008

happy chinese new year!!

wooooo..hehe xing nian kuai le! gong xi fa chai! :)


Had reunion dinner over at my friend's place yesterday night counting down to chinese new year chor 1. Had steamboat and was so so full. Played poker till 7am while watching live webcast of Hong Jin's house with lion dance. Haha. Quite an experience :)

I just came back from an all day out at the central of London. This will be the last time of me walking around central as I will be headed back to Moscow this Saturday. Sure going to Miss LONDON!!! :( Had lunch at chinatown saw some live lousy lion dance show before heading to the infamous British Museum but didn't see much as there was a bom hoax I think when we arrive. The place was exacuated with 4 fire engines already there. So we went to the cartoon museum to kill some time and had ice cream at Baskin Robbins. Soon we headed back to China town again for 2nd reunion dinner with Adrian from Brighton and his friends. Food sucked and so totally overpriced. :( Had tong sui at one of the hong kong's cafe before saying goodbyess...

Luggage over LOAD! Had too much shopping done...I think I have to leave some of my belongings behind :(

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