Tuesday, February 05, 2008

privacy invaded!

Guess you guys are already familiar with the current hot news about Edison Chen's sexual affairs pictures leaking out to the internet. Yeap. Heard there are some more pictures revealed each and everyday. Actually got to know about the news while I was browsing through Kennysia's blog. Was quite shocked when I saw those pictures. Really personal and a bit 'porn-ish'.
The girls are like totally devoid of self respect probably because they were making out with one of Hk's handsome actor. Ladies, remind yourself not to let your boyfriend or whoever you're making out with take pictures of you. It is dangerous!! I wonder how Gilian, Cecilia and Bobo Chan feel right now. Should be feeling AWFUL. Not because being caught in the act because we are only human surely everyone has done it before,but it's because their personal life is being exposed to the public. Everyone's scrutinizing the pictures which is VERY CLEAR AND DETAILED.

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