Monday, February 11, 2008

spitalfields & bricklane market

Spitalfields & Bricklane market are famous for their unique cafes and stalls during Sundays. It was the last Sunday for me plus Kristof and Edric were in London for their holidays so Tee Cheng brought us there to take a look. The place was crowded with people and hawkers occupying the streets selling their 2nd hand stuff. Didn't manage to take picture of the streets as it was dangerous. You might get pick pocketed any time. So must be very cautious. We went to this cafe while waiting for Li Suen to arrive. So called Tee Cheng's favourite cafe cause she likes the ambiance. Well quite true, I like it too. Feel so chillax and reggae- ish. ^ ^ But the whole place was darn crowded plus Li Suen is arriving so we left the place and went to a new cafe at Bricklane market after meeting up with her. Felt like having some hot chocolate after having delicious tuna bagel and danish pastry at some famous local bagel shop ^^ To me that's my favourite cafe called 'giraffe' So nice and pretty was the deco. Took some pictures chit-chatted and stuff. Finally left as it was late and went of to Leicester Square for Chinatown. Had dinner at Misato, a japanese restaurant with affordable price. Had teriyaki chicken!!!! OMG. So DELICIOUSSSS... sigh. missing it :(

We went for night sight-seeing of Thames river after dinner as it was near. Beautiful view although it can't beat Paris's fabulous night view. Missing Paris too. Just miss everything bout my trip... :P

TCheng's fav cafe


Come come take picture

The people

The ambiance

Downstairs at the cashier

Coffee at giraffe. Nice eh..

The girlss...

Happy threesome..

'Take picture with your uni mates, Amy' - So there goes. haha


London Eye Jump * not quite successful* lol


Nice view from Golden Jubilee Bridge


Like this picture

Me with the London Eye

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