Monday, March 03, 2008

can't get enough of it

Can't get enough of taking pictures. Even drag a few to take pictures during Pathology Anatomy class 2 weeks back. Lol. People in the class were surprised at my outlook that day, they went 'Omg, Amy where are you going? A date?'. -_-'' Probably because I look shabby all the time, when I take the effort to look better people will get the shock of their life.

Partners in always *ChapGohMeh time*

My deskmate for 3 years lol

Sheila, pretty malay girl

Our group incomplete

On the way back from class *that's me being extra stylish for the day*

The snow is darn dirty. Can't be compared to the ones at Germany Lol.

Nice lighting. Of cause take picture la


Waiting for the bus

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