Saturday, March 08, 2008

finally sushi buffet~~

4 of us itchy butt and decided to skip surgery class for the day. All because of planeta sushi buffet. Was already up and about getting ready for surgery class after waking up late around 10am today. Class scheduled at 11.40 and was darn far away. 1.5 hours to reach balnitsa Zil. Went online and buzz the people who are going. Suddenly got message from Kristof with multiple nudges urging me to go buffet at 12pm. Lol. And finally even gathered the diligent Seah Tan to skip class and join us for buffet. The idea made by Eekim last night when I was happily sleeping. Lol. All ended well though. We left around 11.45am and reached a little over 12. Buffet was just ready and we were the first 4 to start getting our hands onto the sushis there. haha. First round we already wallop almost all of the sushis there except for the once that doesn't really interest us. But its so sad, they refuse to refill the dishes, only once every 1 hour or so. We got bored furthermore we ate quite alot. Had our 2nd refill and sat there chat chatting and drinking mocktails as desserts. Even took a few pictures. Haha. How can we go buffet and not camwhore? But the pretty girls are not prepared for the day. Only Eekim was with pretty makeup, leaving Seah Tan and me looking dead sick. I wasn't feeling well though the past few days, but am recovering! :) Here are the pictures.

Fruit punch for both of us.

Kristof and mua

Her phone cam.


Sip Sip.

We look pale :(

Finished product. Haha

Seah Tan with Kristof

My first round.

Teriyaki chicken and salad.

Not ready.

Ok. All set. Haha


Finally lifted our butts up from the comfy seats and headed to Mcd for dessert! I was craving for ice cream so all of us went there and ordered mcflurry sat for another half an hour chatting again. haha. Really nice :) We'll have another outing soon k? But no more planeta sushi buffet. It was not as good as expected.

p/s: MY BRO IS OK ALREADY! Mom called and tell me how stressful and tiring the whole week has been for her. Rushing here and there, seeking medical treatment for my sickly brother. Went to Universiti hospital, had his blood taken out 3 times, still negative for denggi. Doctor decided not to admit him to the ward. With 39.4 degree fever, if still continue will surely be fatal. Sigh. Mom decided to bring him to this temple at Kajang that is famous for 'JI MOU TING' treatment. Don't know how to say it in English, but after praying and bathing there, he recovered after 2 sessions and manage to laugh today. Mom was expressing how happy she was. Can imagine how much my family suffered the whole week and I am not there to comfort them. She asked me to take care here as I was a little sick and she's not here to take care of me. :( Even my bro put in his msn nick as 'resurrected'. That was the only funny part about his sickness. Need to talk with him soon. Take care my leng chai bro.........

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