Saturday, March 22, 2008

The last battle

Yuri the prettiest girl in Kaba Modern

Just finished watching America's Best Dance Crew whereby 3 of the best dance crews compete to get into the final 2! It was darn exciting. Status Quo got the most votes and slide into the finals without hassle. But their moves were too sloppy this time around. Kaba Modern and Jabbawockeez face elimination as they are in the bottom 2 with almost equal votes! Both of them BLEW the stage completely! OMG! It was just breathtaking watching Jabba doing their 'thing' and also to see how clean and neat choreography Kaba had. But TOO BAD, 2 of them had to face each other and 1 had to fall. Kaba lost and pack their bags. A lot of the viewers were shocked and angered as they thought Kaba and Jabba should be facing each other in the finals and not Status.

Status quo

Well to me Status quo has really come a long long way. Being brought up in a secluded Boston town, not living the 'normal' life as they are not really well off performing on the streets to earn a living and supporting their family. E-knock their leader having suffered massive injuries throughout the way, being emotional and crying but still MOVING FORWARD each and every episodes giving their very BEST! I really salute them for it!

Kaba modern

For Kaba, they are really really talented and the best part of all they are 'ASIAN' just like us! It's just a pity they had to face Jabba in the elimination round instead of the finals. That's just too bad but it had to happen anyways. I am sure they will have a bright future :)

For Jabbawockeez, Tubs has always been arguing with me about how good and perfect Jabba is and how Status quo can go and 'eat shit'. Well, I have to ADMIT, they are FLAWLESS, and they dedicate their soul and body into performing for their teammate who 'went to heaven' due to heart attack prior to their auditions for America's Best Crew.

Lol. In the end everyone has their own opinion about who's the best. They had 'encore' performances before the show ended. Status quo delivered a cute and energetic clown dance that did entertain the viewers. It was so colorful. While Jabba delivered yet another 'top-notch' performance not showing any default in their dance. It's just unbelievable...

If I were to judge, I'll probably have both teams be the BEST CREWS! I don't want to choose either one of them :( :( I like Status...but Jabba rocks! Sigh. Haha..

Phil Tayag of Jabbawockeez


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