Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Love, not relationship

Love is a very universal thing. So many definitions, so many different meanings. Everyone has their own version of it. What about mine?

Last time I use to think Love is POSSESSION of someone/ something that I have deep feelings for. I just have to make them as my property.

But Love is about being selfless. Sometimes in order to love, you just have to set them free. Just watching from a distance, not being a part or associated with anything that surrounds him/her, hoping and blessing that he/she will be happier each and every day. It'll be enough, just enough.


Don't you wish sometimes you can control and choose whoever you choose to fall for? Wouldn't that be easier?

But surely love doesn't evolves around relationship. You got to learn to LOVE YOUR FAMILY up and for most. Even if you've done the worst SINS of your life, or you got into the BIGGEST trouble, the only people who will probably stand up for you and help you in ALL WAYS they can, will be your parents. Been there done that. That's why I always appreciate my parents and I love them to bits.

Love thy friends too because you can always change bf/gf but friends are meant to stay forever :) Agree no?

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